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The Netgear routerlogin is the web address to access the login setup page of the Router. The Netgear will allow the user to set up and secure the network. In most cases the user-facing that not working issues while entering the login page by using the web domain address of the then it will be confirmed to the user to access the admin login page by using the default  IP address.

Netgear router login is the most trusted brand in providing network clarifications. The Netgear setup is the best device to provide internet connectivity to the user to access the devices.

It is the significant password word which is connected to the secret word field of the Netgear router login page. The login is additionally doled out with the change password which an individual can apply while getting access to the Netgear admin arrangement.

Steps to login

  • Start with the Netgear Router, that needs to be ON (it means to look out the color of the power light) it will show you the following status:
  • White: Router is ON and ready to use for Netgear Nighthawk Series
  • Green: Router is ON up and running for all the other Netgear Series.
  • Once it shows you the green or white light, you can further check the WiFi connection on the wireless compatible device.
  • In terms of a wired connection, you can use an Ethernet cable between your Netgear router and the computer or a laptop.
  • After all these things, you need to verify the connection on the device. It should be connected properly and the cable is properly inserted.
  • If it is already set up, In that case, you can get internet access from the router.
  • And If it is an initial setup, then you can open up the web browser. Type the login address “” on the top of the address bar, from where you can get the page to access for the Netgear router or Netgear Setup page.
  • It will come up with the new window, where it asks for Username and Password to log in.
  • You can use the default credentials (as mentioned on the Netgear Label). Both the default username and the admin password are case sensitive.
  • After putting up the details, you can click on sign in.
  • You can manage the

How to set up

This is normally called as the setup of the Netgear Router or set up setup. You need to use a mobile device or a computer to connect with the same network. Once the connection is established between the Netgear device and the device then, you can easily set up routerlogin.

Following steps need to follow in order to set up or Netgear Router:

  1. Get ready with the device that connects with the Netgear router to set up
  2. Open up the browser and put the default address on the Netgear router.
  • Use the admin and password to login to the Netgear.
  • It will come up with a setup page, where you can see the option to select.
  • As per recommendation, you can go with the Router Mode and click next.
  • The Netgear router will detect the type of Internet connection that you are getting from your Internet Service Provider.
  • In most cases, you can go with the DHCP type connection and Click Next to set up the admin account settings.
  • You can set up the admin login password and also assign the security questions.
    NOTE: If you forget the password, then these security question needs to answer by the user to recover the password.
  • Click Next to get the wireless name and wireless password through which you can connect all the devices. Note it down on paper.
  •  After that, the Netgear router trying to connect with the Netgear Server, to download the latest firmware.
  • Once it downloads the new firmware, it will take you to the Product registration page. Your setup process is complete.
  • Ready to use the Netgear Router. The Setup of is done. is not working is the only address through which you can manage the Netgear Router. Alternatively, you can also try the default IP address of the Netgear Router ( or Sometimes, when the user trying to login, It seems like not working. In that case,

you can use the following steps to solve the issue: not working
  1. Check the Network: You can check the device network. It needs to connect with the Netgear Network, not with the ISP Network or any open network.
  2. Restart the Netgear Router: You can restart the Netgear router by removing the power source and plug back in after 10 seconds. Wait until the power light turns into green or white.
  3. Restart the device: Restart the computer or mobile device once before you are trying to access the address. Once you restart the device, you can easily log in to the Netgear Router.
  1. Try the IP address: You can try the default IP address for the Netgear Router.
  2. Reset the Netgear Router: In the end, the only steps you need to do is to reset the Netgear router. Once you reset the Netgear Router, you need to start the process to set up the Netgear Router.

Still, If you are not getting the page. You can get another Netgear Router.

Why password is not working?

Whenever you trying to log in, where it asks for the username and password. All you need to type the admin password should be correct otherwise it won’t allow to log in to the Netgear router.

The following steps to follow, if the password is not working:

  1. Default Password: You can try the default admin password to login to the Netgear router if it is not working. Try to recover the admin password.
  2. Recover the admin password: You can try to recover the password by putting the details of the Router like the MAC address of Netgear router. After that, you can answer the security question. From here, you can get the password to log in.
  3. Reset the Netgear: In the end, you can simply go for a reset of the Netgear router. Once you reset the Netgear, then you can set up the Netgear router again. It will give you the options to set up the new admin password and save it. admin password setup

How to set up the Netgear router?

It is easy to set up a router at your home and after setting it up it will become your home network. These are the few things that you need to take care of while you set up the router.

  • Make sure it will not damage from anywhere,
  • It has one Power Cord, Ethernet Cable (RJ-45), Power Plug, Router Manual are available in the Box.


  • Plugin the power source of your router and wait until the power light lit up. First, it should be amber after 30 seconds an it will turn into green or white according to respective modal.
    (Recommendation: Make sure the router plug into Wall Jack directly)
  • For the Internet setting, you need to plug an Ethernet cable to your router another end of the same cable goes to Internet Box (Internet Company Modem), after it looks out the status of Light of internet on your router.(Recommendation: Restart the Modem Before plug-in into your router)
  • When you plug a cable into your computer it will allow you to verify the connection and the new window will going to Prompt on your computer where it will ask about the Network e.g. Home Network (for Home and Personal use) or WorkPlace Network (for Office) or Unidentified Network.
    (Recommendation: Home Network and Work Network)
  • We can also set up through the WIFI for which we use the information provided on the unit which means SSID or Network Name– NETGEARXX or NETGEARXX-5G and Network Password or Network Security key– let it be ancientzoneXXX (where X is any number)
  • After putting this password or information on your Laptop, Mobile Phone or iPad it will allow you to connect with your WiFi.
  • Now, after going through all these steps you need to open a Web Browser (Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc) and on the top of Browser type or
  • It will take you to the page where it will show you some options like

    When you select “Let Me Choose”, it will show you following options:

    1. Router Mode
    2. Access Point Mode
  • After selection of option (Let it be Router Mode) we proceed to the next window.
  • Where it will go to ask you one question

  • Can you disable your existing gateway’s WIFI?

    No (recommended)

NOTE: The Purpose of asking you this question is to avoid your WiFi devices to connect with Existing gateways WiFi.

  • After selecting the “No”.
  • It will go to show you the Wireless Network Name (SSID): NETGEARXX or NETGEARXX-5G.
    Wireless Network Key (Password): ancientzoneXXX (where X is any number). You need to select the Next Option.
  • New Window will go to open now, In which you can set it up Admin Account Settings where will ask you New Password and Confirm Password, Some security questions answers in case if you forget the Admin Account Password?
  • While Setting up the Password make sure you should type in “One Upper case Alphabet, One Lower case Alphabet, One special Character, One numeric number” Otherwise it will not allow you to go through this step as per Security Concern.
  • After Click on NEXT option it will take you to another window where it asks you to Download the following router apps:
  1.  NETGEAR genie App. (Basically to access the Router management Page through your Computer and Mobile Phone)
  2. ReadySHARE Vault App (Only for Windows computer) It enables automatic continuous backup of a windows computer to your USB drive which plugs in your router.
    Complete Firmware Update if needed.
    Click yes
    Setup Complete!!
    You can complete the product registration at your choosing. You can able to go online.

How to use allow or block access feature to your Netgear Home router network?

To know this feature of your router, you need to see a step-by-step guide to block access of electronic devices such as mobile, TV, ipad on your home network. It helps you to take complete control of your home network. You can block or allow any device to access your WiFi network according to your wish.


  • Open up a web browser on any device which connected to the home network. login
  • Type “” or “” into the web address bar.
  • A login prompt will be open.
  • Enter the login details.
  • Where the default username is “admin” and the password is “password”.
  • If you previously changed the login credentials, then please use your update password to log in to your router.
  • The router home page will display on your screen.
  • Select the Turn on Access Control checkbox. You must click on it before making any changes on this page.
  • Leave the selected option as it is: Allow all new devices to connect.
  • Now you will get a list of all the devices active on your router.
  • Select on allow or block individual devices.
  • Once you the Check the box next to the device and then click on allow or block.
  • Click the apply button on the top of the home page to save the settings.
  • It saves your changes.
    If you find any problems while performing the above steps, then you can ask our support team to do it for you. Please contact our support team through chat to get the speedy response.
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How to see attached devices on my Netgear Wi-Fi?

This will help you learn how to check total devices that connected to your router network through wired or wireless. You will get the information about the particular devices connected to your router networks such as IP address, MAC address, and Device name. With the help of this page, you can protect your network from data theft by monitoring the devices regularly.


  • Launch a New browser (Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer) on the device connected to the network.

Type or enter into the Web address bar.

  • A login page displays to enter login information.
  • According to your router default username is “admin” and the password is “password”.
  • Click on login.
  • On the dashboard, click on “ATTACHED DEVICES” at left hand-side tabs.
  • Click on refresh to update the list.
  • You will get the list of wired and wireless devices active on your router.

NOTE: Wired devices means which connected netgearrouter through Ethernet cable and wireless devices connected wirelessly.

If you find any devices on the list which are not familiar, you can block the devices directly from the settings. Please contact our support team to know more about blocking an unfamiliar device. It helps you keep your data secure and also secure data of all the other devices connected on the router home network.

 How do I reset the password for

If you try to login to from your computer or mobile device. In that case, you can reset the password for the Netgear router. To reset the login password, you can follow the proper instruction and reset the password.

  1. Using a Paper Clip: This is the basic step to take your Netgear router to factory default settings.
    1. You can use the paper clip and look at the backside of the Netgear router.
    2. There would be a tiny hole available with the name of reset.
    3. Push and hold it for 08-10 seconds and release it. Wait until it starts rebooting itself.
    4. After that look out the color of power light which needs to turn green and stable.
    5. Once it has a stable light then, you can easily get the setup page of the Netgear router.
    6. From the Setup page, you can create a new password to the login of
  2. A web page to reset the Netgear: If you already login to the routerlogin page by saved password in your device. In that case, you can follow the following steps:
    1. Login to the Netgear router page.
    2. Go to the Advanced tab and Under that select administration.
    3. Where you can go to factory default settings.
    4. Click on Erase data, from where it takes to the setup page.
    5. And here you can create the new password to log in to